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The Eco-centre in Ostrov is located in the monastery gardens in direct proximity of the Château Park. You will find more than 100 types of animals there, from aquarium fish, small rodents, reptiles, to spiders, exotic birds and birds of prey, small predators, and also sheep and poultry. The most valuable displays include iguanas and a crocodile.

Since 2007, the Eco-centre is an integral part of leisure-time activities of the Municipal Children and Youth Centre in Ostrov. Aside from offering clubs and educational programmes for schools, this small animal paradise is also open to the general public. In the afternoon hours (except for the times set aside for regular clubs), you can visit both the indoor and outdoor exhibits, and by prior arrangement, you can even pet, cuddle, or feed some of the animals. A relaxation garden with a pond and seating, a children’s playground, or even a unique barefoot path is also part of the grounds.

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