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The Community Centre is the main dominant of Mírové Square, and thus also of the new part of town. This majestic building is the seat of two cinemas, exhibition spaces, and is an example of a significant architectural style. Various theatre productions are also staged here regularly. The Community Centre is also the main venue of the Ota Hofman Children’s Film and Television Festival, which has been held here since 1969.
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The building was erected in the years 1954 – 1955 according to the designs of academic architect Jaroslav Krauze and architect Josef Sedláček. The rectangular, two-storey building is divided by avant-corps above the central entrance and the side wings have avant-corps on the corners. The monumental effect is achieved by applying an entrance portico with a columned loggia. The façades are divided by a high row of pilasters. The roofs are low, covered in ancient elements. The side avant-corps and the central entry portico is topped by stratified gables with stucco decorations. The gable of the central avant-corps climaxes in a sculptural group, and the side avant-corps carry the artistically rendered town coat-of-arms a banner with an inscription. On the ground floor, behind the entrance hall, is the theatre auditorium, which also serves as the permanent cinema. Two stairwells lead from the entrance hall to the first floor, where there is a foyer and a loggia with a small and a large auditorium located on either side. Distinct traditional glass paintings depicting the mining symbols of the Jáchymov mines, created by academic sculptor Václav Lokvenc and Jarmila Kalašová, have been preserved above the entrance to the social halls. The Community Centre is an example of the Classicist tendencies in the architecture of the 1950s.

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