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There are a number of ways of spending your leisure time actively in Ostrov. You can take advantage of various playing grounds with artificial turf, a running track, gymnasiums, and other sports facilities, such as bowling lanes or fitness gyms.

Ostrov Children and Youth Centre

A great place for actively spending your leisure time, whether alone, or with a group of friends or with your family.

Ostrov Municipal Outdoor Swimming Pool

OThe Ostrov outdoor swimming pool is located on the southern slope not far from the hospital. In case of fair weather, you can enjoy the swimming pool (50m) with a toboggan, the kiddie pools, and other attractions.

Municipal Sauna

A traditional Finnish sauna with the usual facilities and small refreshments. Take advantage of relaxation situated directly in Ostrov.

Athletic Stadium

The athletic stadium in Ostrov is located by the 1st Primary School of T.G. Masaryk. Aside from a 333.33m oval track with six lanes, it has many other types of playing areas and high-quality facilities for athletes.

Sports Park

The Sports Park spreads out in the garden of Ostrov Hospital, and is operated by the “OSTROV ZDRAVÍ” public-benefit organisation. Those interested can enjoy a climbing wall, multi-functional sports grounds, a children’s playground, an air trampoline, and, last but not least, a small high-ropes centre. Open daily from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm, with free admission. More information HERE

Ostrov Skatepark

14 obstacles for skateboards, BMX bikes, and scooters. Free admission.

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