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Church of St Michael and Mary, Virgin Most Faithful stands in the direct proximity of the Old Square. Aside from the Schlick epitaph dating to 1521 and the furnishings dating to mainly the 18th century, a reliquary with a droplet of Pope John Paul II’s blood is stored here. The interior of the church is accessible during regular mass.


The Parish Church of St Nicholas, later consecrated to St Michael the Archangel and to Mary, Virgin Most Faithful, dates to the last quarter of the 13th century. The tympanum of the entry portal with blind tracery and the cross vault in the attic – today the sacristy – date to this period. It was reconstructed in the years 1567-1572 after a fire. Next to the rectangular nave is free-standing church tower, which is four-sided in the bottom part and has an eight-sided additional storey.


The three-nave hall with built-in emporiums is over-arched by a network of ribbed vaults, the presbytery has a stellar vault, and the baptism chapel by the tower has a diamond vault. Further reconstructions took place in the years 1607-1609 and 1636. In the interior, there are Renaissance headstones that have been preserved, the most valuable of which is the Schlick epitaph dating to 1521. The furnishings are Baroque, dating to the years 1751-1756. This is an example of sacred architecture in the Saxon style from the wider Ore Mountain region. An overall reconstruction took place in 1989-1991.

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