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Do you want to know what sights you should not miss when visiting Ostrov? Here are our tips. We have summed up the most interesting ones in seven tips.

1| Piarist monastery complex the Sacred Precinct and church museum
2| Château Park with the Summer Residence and the Palace of Princes
3| Ostrov Château and the National Cultural Monument – the Schlick coin case
4| The exhibition of porcelain from Ostrov within the project “Porcelain Way”
5| Cultural Events of a regional significance
6| The Borecké Fishponds, educational and excursion trails
7| The Eco-centre, sports park, outdoor swimming pool, and other opportunities for sports activities

ostrov klaster 110 Cropped

Piarist Monastery Complex in Ostrov – the Sacred Precinct

The monastery complex in Ostrov is a place that consists of many Baroque buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries in a relatively small space. What was originally a Piarist monastery today serves as an apartment building, but the adjacent Church of the Annunciation with the chapels of St Anne, St Florian, and the Virgin Mary of Einsiedeln can be visited. There is a new exhibition to be seen in the monastery church, Sacred Art of the Western Ore Mountain Region with a complementary exhibition on the Decrepit Churches in the Karlovy Vary Region. Tours are ensured by the Ostrov Community Centre.

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park letohrádek e1559229797476

Château Park with the Summer Residence and Palace of Princes

The eighth wonder of the world! This is the moniker that was once given to the Ostrov Château Park, which was created between the 17th and 19th centuries in the proximity of the family seat of the local Dukes of Saxe-Lauenburg. The park was originally established as a French Renaissance garden with many fountains, ponds, artificial grottoes, gloriettes, and gazebos. A labyrinth served for the entertainment of the aristocracy. However, in the spirit of the new trends of the 19th century, the gardens were gradually converted into a natural landscape park. Most buildings were demolished, just as other artistic decorations and surfaces of water. Today, the appearance of the park corresponds to that of the second half of the 19th century. The Summer Residence, sometimes called the Palace of Princesses, stands in the centre of the park. Beginning in the 17th century, it served for various pastimes. Today, it functions as a branch of the Karlovy Vary Art Gallery , and aside from exhibiting the art of primarily the 20th century, you can also visit the popular crafts workshops and other regular events held for the public.

DAnother exceptional building in the park is the Palace of Princes, which was recently completely reconstructed. Today, it houses the Ostrov Municipal Library.

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Ostrov Château and the National Cultural Monument – the Schlick coin case

Prior to falling into the hands of the aristocratic family of the Schlicks in the 15th century, the Ostrov Château does not have a very clear history. The family gradually aggrandized it, making it their family residence. Since then, history has been in the making here. One of the local lords, Joachim Andreas von Schlick, was one of the leaders of the Bohemia Estates Uprising, as well as being one of the 27 noblemen who were executed on Old Town Square in 1621. Afterwards, the manor was transferred into the hands of the famous family of Dukes of Saxe-Lauenburg, who further developed it. Today, aside from far less dramatic historical events, primarily administrative documents are made up here.Visitors can view the unique exhibits, which are guided by the employees of the information centre, located directly in the building of the château.

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Exhibition of Porcelain from Ostrov

In the vestibule of the château and in the Summer Residence, you can visit two valuable exhibits of Ostrov porcelain, which are part of the international project known as Cesta porcelánu/Porzellan Strasse (Porcelain Way). This leads through more than 20 sites in Western Bohemia and Bavaria, illustrating the significant history of porcelain factories in the region that achieved world renown in the 19th and 20th centuries. Ostrov porcelain, known under the brand of “Schlackenwerth” and made by the porcelain factory Pfeiffer & Löwenstein Schlackenwerth, was and remains to be renowned primarily for its high quality. The collections found in the exhibits in Ostrov were gathered with the help of the Friends of the Town of Ostrov Association to remind us of the rich history, past significance, and quality of the local products.

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ostrov park koncertyCultural events of a regional significance

The town of Ostrov and its organisations offer a colourful palette of cultural events not only for its residents, but also for visitors from near and far. The more eminent events include the Monastery Festivities (May), Day of Ostrov and its Sister Cities (June), concerts in the Château Park, and the Ota Hofman Children’s Film and Television Festival (October).

Also, many other, smaller events take place throughout the year, check out the Complete calendar of events in Ostrov.

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ostrov borecke rybniky 110 CroppedBorecké fishponds, educational and hiking trails

The system of Ostrov fishponds began to be established in the 16th century, and served not only for breeding fish, but also for the irrigation of the adjacent fields. The Borecké fishponds as we know them today consist of a total of nine fishponds. On a surface area of more than four hectares, there is much protected flora and fauna, including the northern crested newt. Today, this unique area serves primarily for the recreational purposes of Ostrov residents. The educational trail leading by here is also a popular tourist destination. If you should set out on it, you will learn something about the history, the present, and the natural wealth of this location. The numerous paths that lead you around the fishponds are hemmed by various rest areas and benches. Here, you can also find a public campfire ring or observation piers.

There are also other educational, hiking, and cycle paths in and around Ostrov.

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ostrov ekocentrum 109 CroppedEco-centre

Especially families with children will enjoy trips to the Eco-Centre in Ostrov, as well as to the Sports Park with its large air trampoline and high-ropes centre, or perhaps the local outdoor swimming pool with a toboggan.

The Ostrov Eco-Centre is a small ZOO, in which you can find more than 60 types of animals – aquarium fish, small rodents, reptiles, spiders, exotic birds and birds of prey, small predators, sheep, and poultry. In the afternoon hours (except for the times set aside for regular clubs), you can visit both the indoor and outdoor exhibits, and by prior arrangement, you can even pet, cuddle, or feed some of the animals. A relaxation park with a pond and seating, playground, and barefoot path are also part of the grounds.

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Sports Park by the hospital

ostrov sportcentrum 106The grounds of the Sports Park in Ostrov, which is located near the Ostrov Hospital, is much more than a children’s playground. Aside from slides, sandboxes, and jungle gyms, you can also find a climbing wall, a children’s high-ropes centre, an air trampoline, a multi-functional playground, an in-line track, a pétanque playing area, a maze, and an herbal garden. And in addition to that, all attractions can be enjoyed FOR FREE!

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Ostrov Outdoor Swimming Pool

ostrov koupaliste 103The Ostrov outdoor swimming pool offers all swimming enthusiasts and lovers of summer fun not only a large, 50m swimming pool with a toboggan, but also two small kiddie pools and a beach volleyball court. The grounds have extensive grassy beaches with tall trees that provide enough shade. Playgrounds for children, dressing rooms, or a refreshment stand are also available.

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